The end of the road: Homeward bound for a birthday surprise

So our trip came to a sudden end when we decided to fly home and surprise Sarah’s mum for her 60th birthday. It was a bitter-sweet ending. We were obviously excited about returning home and seeing our family and friends, but we were pretty disappointed our epic journey had come to an end. However, this will for sure not be our last cycle touring trip (we are now huge fans of travelling by bike) and we have promised ourselves that we will return to cycle the Peruvian great divide (the bit we missed in Peru)! We will be sure to record our future escapades again, right here. For anyone who stumbles across this blog before then and actually does the great divide, any tips will be gratefully received!

We had such a fantastic 10 months on the road. Of course there were some mentally and physically challenging moments, but most of the time we were just bloody loving it. It was such a special time that we will both treasure for the rest of our lives – we already find ourselves happily reminiscing about even the most mundane aspects of life on two wheels. Having been home for a couple of months, our South American adventures unfortunately already feel a bit like a dream. It’s amazing (and a little sad) how quickly you revert to a ‘normal’ way of life. While we were on the road, we would often discuss how we would make our lives different when we returned home – going away on weekend trips, being more ‘outdoorsy’, working less – for a couple of examples. So far we have gone back to our old ways… but we still get a buzz when we have a warm shower and love being able to drink from the tap.